International Activity

International Activity

Russian Agricultural Bank is widely recognized as a highly reliable banking partner to major financial institutions both locally and internationally. Its transparency is acknowledged by leading national credit rating agency accredited by the Bank of Russia.

Today the Bank has a broad and well-structured correspondent network comprising more than 100 financial institutions and business partners, which serves as a solid platform to act in proprietary interests and provide a comprehensive financial markets product offering for its clients. 

RusAg’s representative offices operate in China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. The Bank leverages its presence in the Eurasian Economic Union and South-East Asia to reach out to new clients, increase the efficiency of liaising with interbank counterparts, improve the access of the existing client pool to consumer markets and the Bank’s brand awareness in the countries of presence.

RusAg is an active member of Russian-Chinese Business Council, US-Russia Business Council, Canada Eurasia Chamber of Commerce (CECC, former CERBA) and of the International Confederation of Agricultural Credit (CICA) which underpins the Bank’s potential to strengthen its positions in the Russian Federation and abroad, and to attract clients who carry out major projects in agribusiness and related industries.

Despite the ongoing restrictions and limited access to the international capital market, the Bank keeps contact with its investors. Maintaining communication with the international business community is an important element for the Bank’s performance on global capital markets both now and in the future.

Promoting the growth of agribusiness exports

The National Project “International Cooperation and Exports”

According to key parameters outlined in the National Projects (National Priority Projects developed according to the Presidential Order No 204 dated 7 May 2018 “On the National Goals and Strategic Tasks of Development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024”), Russia should boost exports of agricultural produce twofold to USD 45 billion by 2024.

The International Cooperation and Exports national project is intended to expand the presence of Russian goods and services on global markets with the help of state regulatory instruments and industry and corporate programs, including export financing, equity financing, leasing, and long-term support measures. The Government is planning to ensure competitiveness of Russian goods on foreign markets through special investment contracts and the mechanism of “first delivery support”.

To promote the exports of Russian goods the Bank provided services to support export sales of Russian manufacturers operating in agribusiness and other industries. The Bank currently services every eighth exporter in agribusiness. The Bank’s product offering for exporters includes documentary operations (letters of credit, guarantees and documentary collections), risks hedging and special programs for foreign trade support.

Russian Agricultural Bank has signed a framework agreement with Russian Export Center JSC aimed at expanding financial support to Russian non-commodity exporters. The agreement enables the Bank to provide financing at subsidized interest rates. The Bank’s expenses will be partially reimbursed from the federal budget. 

In line with the Bank’s objective “Providing of quality comprehensive services for foreign economic activity (FEA) in the Bank, including agribusiness exporters” RusAg established FEA services Competence Center. The Center works to support the Bank’s activities as part of the task to develop FEA services. The Center consults specialists of the Bank on foreign trade products based on a “single window” principle.