Branch Network

Branch Network

Russian Agricultural Bank leverages its vast geographical presence, and sales and service channels to support its long-term sustainable business growth, diversify income sources, and make financial products available to various client segments. With 66 branches and over 13 thousand access points the Bank holds the third position among largest bank POS networks in Russia. The Bank operates in 82 constituents of the Russian Federation. This solid foundation underlies the Bank’s strong regional franchise in rural territories, towns, mid-sized and large cities, including areas in which no other banks are present.

Russian Agricultural Bank’s network covers over 80% of the country's territory and ca. 100% of Russia’s rural areas. . Regional presence is focused on rural areas with unsatisfied market demand. 

Further development and optimization of RusAg’s regional branch network is aimed at:

  • enhancing the quality of client services
  • enhancing availability and expanding product and services offering
  • higher POS competitiveness and efficiency
  • approaching clients in the region of residence
  • higher customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • effectively liaising with local administrations in Russian constituents
  • pursuing Government tasks in line with the State Programs on Agribusiness Development and Sustainable Development of Rural Areas.

Special focus is given to the development of official relations with regional and local administrations. The Bank has cooperation agreements in place with regional authorities, SME financing funds and guarantee agencies in the territories where it is present to pursue regional development strategies and federal policies in economic, social, educational and other spheres. 

Russian Agricultural Bank has representative offices in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and China.