During the first year of operation RusAg’s ‘Svoe Selo’ platform attracted a million people

During the first year of operation RusAg’s ‘Svoe Selo’ platform attracted a million people

31 May 2022

Launched in May 2021, Russian Agricultural Bank’s (RusAg, the Bank) rural development platform ‘Svoe Selo’ was visited by over 1 million users in the first year. The number of suburban real estate objects located on the platform also exceeded 1 million. More than 1,500 house projects accumulated there – this is the largest database of country house projects in Russia.

The main results of the platform ‘Svoe Selo’ for the year:

  • more than 1 million suburban real estate objects;

  • more than 1 million visitors used the platform services;

  • more than 800 construction contractors are available on the platform;

  • more than 1,500 house projects from contractors accredited by the Bank are placed on the showcase – at the moment this is the largest database of country house projects in Russia;

  • partners have registered more than 7,000 services on the platform.

“The growth in demand for individual housing construction is one of the notable trends of recent years, so services that help develop individual housing construction are also very relevant. The platform ‘Svoe Selo’ is just such a comprehensive digital tool for a quick, comfortable and efficient search for service providers and projects. Everything, from choosing a project and buying a suitable plot, to calculating an estimate and selecting a finished house, takes place here in electronic format. This meets the requirements of the time and the demand of the consumer, as evidenced by the increase in the number of visitors to the site,” said Elena Baturova, Director of the Center for the Development of Financial Technologies at RusAg.

The audience of the platform is representatives of all Russian regions from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Most often, the platform visited by residents of the following regions:

  • Moscow city and Moscow region;

  • St. Petersburg and Leningrad region;

  • Sverdlovsk region;

  • Nizhny Novgorod Region;

  • Republic of Bashkortostan.

The most popular service on the platform within the first year was the ‘Rural Mortgage’ service. At the same time, in 2022, under the terms of the Rural Mortgage Program funds can only be used for individual housing construction and the purchase of a finished country house, so the platform ‘Svoe Selo’ becomes even more relevant for participants of the Program. The process of collecting applications for rural mortgages is picking up the pace, and the demand for the service will continue to grow.

The functionality of the platform is constantly expanding. In addition to the database of house projects and adjoining buildings (garage, bath-house, garden house, premises for keeping animals, etc.), users can consult with a lawyer on the acquisition and registration of housing or land, order a tax deduction, insure real estate, order support for a purchase transaction sale, receive a report on the valuation of the collateral object, etc.

Although the platform is only a year old, it has already received recognition from the expert community. In April 2022, as part of the “Real Estate Market Expert” award, the project became the winner in the nomination “The Best Social Project for Individual Housing in Digital Channels”.