RSHB Leasing

RSHB Leasing

RSHB Leasing LLC has started operating as part of the group of companies of Russian Agricultural Bank in May 2020. The first leasing deal was concluded in February. The plans and competencies of the company involve the implementation of leasing projects both in agriculture and in other sectors of the economy.

RSHB Leasing will enable clients to use a whole range of leasing services. Main targets are agricultural machinery and equipment, including for the processing of agricultural products, as well as trucks and real estate. Among the priorities of the company’s activity is the development of cooperation with the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment.

RSHB Leasing mission is to be an efficient and reliable leasing company for clients and partners. The company provides a wide range of leasing services for enterprises of the real sector of the economy.

RSHB Leasing is intended to become a platform where customers can purchase everything they need on lease: from machinery and transport to equipment for various purposes.

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