Corporate Customers

Corporate Customers

Russian Agricultural Bank provides a full range of banking services to corporate customers, mainly to companies operating in the Russian agribusiness.

Lending under the State Program on Agribusiness Development

Russian Agricultural Bank acts as the Government Agent providing financial services to agribusiness and related sectors of economy. The Bank takes part in sustainability programs focused on the social aspects and initiated by the Government:
  • Loans for grain purchase interventions - lending to federal agents participating in the governmental grain price stabilization program (tenor of 3 years);
  • Implementation of the Federal Law ‘‘On Financial Rehabilitation of Agricultural Enterprises’’.

The aims of these programs are to provide affordable financing to companies in agribusiness, to improve their financial performance so that more rural population may benefit from them, and to promote sustainable and comprehensive development of the industry.

Corporate Lending Programs

  • Seasonal field works financing
  • Working capital financing
  • Investment loans
  • Lending under escrow accounts procedure
  • Lending against pledge of export proceeds
  • Grain storage infrastructure development
  • Lending to agricultural credit and consumer cooperatives
  • Purchase of agricultural land
  • Purchase of young farm animals
  • Fishery and mariculture financing
  • Modern machinery and technology purchasing
  • Lending to food and processing enterprises
  • Loans refinancing
  • Factoring


RusAg provides lending under the condition of provision by the borrower (a third party) a security, satisfying the Bank’s requirements.

The performance of the obligations by the borrower can be guaranteed by pledge of liquid property and/or property rights, surety, bank guarantee, state guarantee of a constituent of the Russian Federation.

RusAg accepts as collateral:

  • Real estate, including land plots from the list of farming land; 
  • Equipment; 
  • Vehicles; 
  • Inventory; 
  • Livestock; 
  • Future crops; 
  • Property rights (including certified by a security). 

The value of collateral should exceed the size of principal debt with interest payments due and possible expenses of the Bank, related to forced sale of the property accepted by the Bank as collateral. 

Bank Guarantees

Bank Guarantee is a guarantee from a lending institution ensuring that the liabilities of a debtor will be met. In other words, if the debtor fails to settle a debt, the bank will cover it. Guarantor, i.е. guaranteeing bank, issues a bank guarantee upon the order and at the expense of customer, irrevocable promise to repay the specified amount to the beneficiary under the guarantee. At the same time bank guarantees are not a settlement instrument and are used as a security of the principal obligation.

A bank guarantee enables the customer (debtor) to acquire goods, buy equipment, or draw down loans, and thereby expand business activity.

Banks provide the following national and international guarantees:
  • Payment Guarantee;
  • Tender Guarantee;
  • Performance Guarantee;
  • Advance Payment Guarantee;
  • Loan Repayment Guarantee.

Russian Agricultural Bank provides guarantee transactions in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the generally accepted standards of international banking practices.

The Bank provides the following guarantees for both domestic and international transactions, incl. guarantees under Federal laws (# 44-FZ, 223-FZ):        

  • Tender Guarantee
  • Bank guarantee in favor of a customs authority
  • Bank guarantees issued in favor of a tax authority
  • Loan repayment guarantee
  • Guarantees issued to secure performance under a contract/agreement, incl.
    -  Guarantee covering the warranty period
    -  Advance repayment guarantee
    -  Payment guarantee
    -  Performance guarantee
  • Guarantees in favor of The Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation
  • Guarantee of payment for sold shares under Federal law # 208-FZ.

Russian Agricultural Bank provides guarantee transactions in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the generally accepted standards of international banking practices.

Deposits for Corporate Clients and Individual Entrepreneurs

The Bank offers a broad set of deposits for corporate customers and individual entrepreneurs, for placement of temporarily disposable monetary resources.

Asset management companies of non-state pension funds are offered to open term deposits in the Bank.

Russian Agricultural Bank offers deposits with flexible terms, competitive interest rates and with possibility to choose interest repayment period – monthly, quarterly or annually.

Foreign Exchange Control

Russian Agricultural Bank, in accordance with the legislation on foreign currency of the Russian Federation and the Bank of Russia regulations, performs foreign exchange control of all types of currency transactions made by residents and non-residents, including those on foreign trade agreements (contracts) on purchase of goods, on contracts related to rendering services, the transfer of information and intellectual property, and on loan agreements, as well as foreign exchange operations conducted by residents and non-residents for non-commercial operations.

Customized approach in the maintenance of every currency transaction allows the Bank to provide its clients with the high-level services reducing their risks and expenses, incl. free assistance in drawing up and reviewing the contract; qualified staff at all transaction stages; dedicated channels on foreign trade operations; flexible pricing, customized fees and conditions.

Remote Banking

Russian Agricultural Bank places high emphasis on the introduction of modern banking technologies and offers its customers the ability to manage their accounts with the remote banking services. The Bank offers its clients such remote banking services as “Mobile Bank”, "Bank-Client" and "Internet-Client” that allow choosing which best suits to the customer’s business.

Technical security means used by Russian Agricultural Bank ensure the effective protection of information transmitted using remote banking services, confidentiality and integrity of transmitted electronic documents.

Payroll Card Programs

RusAg offers corporate clients the service of salary payments as part of payroll services programs.

Payroll services – convenient way of accrual and paying of salary to employees: in the course of the payroll program the amounts are transferred as a single sum to the Bank, the Bank employees transfer amounts to personal accounts of your employees. The advantages include: 

  • Minimizing of expenses related to salary payments;
  • Reducing cash collection costs;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Bonuses payments.

The company employees are offered associated banking products like payment cards and deposits.

Merchant Acquiring

Russian Agricultural Bank offers merchants to enter into agreement for acquiring of the payment cards, issued by RusAg.

The advantages of merchant acquiring are:

  • Increase in revenues (average purchase size is 20%-30% higher)
  • Reduced cash collection costs and cash circulation risks
  • Increased customer loyalty as they have a convenient payment option
  • Higher customer service speed

Mobile acquiring (mPOS)

Mobile acquiring is best suited for small shops and cafes, and those working in the field: delivery services, taxis, insurance agents, street retail, etc.

Precious Coins Operations

Commemorative precious coins have a high level of decoration and impeccable quality coinage. These are collector's coins. The issue of commemorative precious coins is dedicated to the anniversaries, memorial dates, significant historical events, and relevant cultural and environmental issues.

Bullion precious coins are the production of traditional highly-automated embossing that is issued in mass edition of up to several million pieces. Transactions with bullion precious coins are mainly used as a tool for investing surplus funds, as the cost of such coins is close to the value of precious metals contained in the coin.

Precious Metals and Coins Operations

Investment coins

Transactions with bullion precious coins are mainly used as a tool for investing surplus funds, as the cost of such coins is close to the value of precious metals contained in the coin.

Depersonalized metal accounts and bullion

Russian Agricultural Bank opens depersonalized metal accounts in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as well as buys and sells precious metals bullion. 

Safety Deposit Box

Russian Agricultural Bank offers to corporate and retail customers to rent individual safety deposit boxes to store cash, jewelry, securities, documents and other valuables. For the provision of this service the bank charges commission in accordance with the applicable tariffs.

Accreditation of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs

Russian Agricultural Bank carries out accreditation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to provide the Bank and/or its clients with appraisal and consulting services, construction audit and technical supervision. Accreditation is carried out in order to further employ services of accredited parties when considering the provision of investment credit in the amount equal to or more than was set by the authorized body of the Bank.

Accreditation can be performed both by the Bank's Head Office and regional branches. Accreditation is valid for one year with an option of further prolongation of the term.

Cooperation with Insurance Companies

To comply with loan agreement in part of insurance protection a customer is free to choose any insurance company which meets the Bank`s requirements to insurance companies. The Bank evaluates insurance companies in the process of certification to secure their compliance with all necessary requirements. It is made in the interests of customers and aimed to ensure a company`s solvency and creditability.

To obtain a status of a certified insurance company, it should address the Bank with a given application and provide a range of documents and information named in the List of required information. Compliance of an insurance company with the Bank`s requirements is examined in the course of analysis of the provided information and confirmed by inclusion of the company in the list of certified insurance companies.

The insurance protection provided by a certified insurance company must answer the Requirements to conditions of insurance services rendered to the Bank`s borrowers and pledgers which are set by the Bank to secure a high quality of insurance protection for its borrowers in case of insured event happening. The insurance conditions must provide an insurance protection against insurance risks. Cooperation between an insurance company, a borrower and the Bank in the process of provision of insurance protection aimed to ensure the fulfillment of conditions of loan agreement is to proceed in accordance with Interaction procedure between Russian Agricultural Bank and insurance company.

Russian Agricultural Bank has a right to anticipatorily exclude an insurance company from the list of certified companies answering the Bank`s requirements to insurance companies in the following cases:
  • The lack of compliance with requirements to insurance companies; insurer`s failure to comply with the Requirements to conditions of insurance services rendered to the Bank`s borrowers and pledgers, including adoption of insurance conditions which reduce insurer`s responsibility against the one prescribed in Regulations of insurance protection of interests of Russian Agricultural Bank which is mutually accepted by the Bank and insurance companies via standard forms of insurance agreements;
  • Failure of insurance company to provide the Bank with all the necessary documents for exercising a regular monitoring (control) of insurance company`s solvency;
  • Violation by insurer of Interaction procedure between Russian Agricultural Bank and insurance company;
  • Exposure of inadequate information in documents provided by insurer to obtain or prolong its certification or in the process of reporting;
  • Disclosure of confidential information received in the course of interaction with the Bank;
  • Violation of applicable laws or conditions of loan agreements confirmed by a court decision which may cause violation of rights of insured clients of the Bank.