Payment Cards

Payment Cards

The number of credit and debit cards issued by Russian Agricultural Bank reached 5 million. At 1 January 2023, RusAg’s ATM and payment (POS) terminals network comprised ca. 6 thousand, including 4,375 ATMs and 1,554 POS-terminals.

Russian Agricultural Bank is among the most important participants in financial and payment markets. In the mid-term, the Bank intends to become a leading player in developing Russia’s national payment system.

By expanding its payment card business, the Bank increases customers’ options, strengthens the loan portfolio and encourages the use of cards as a payment method, thereby playing an important role in replacing check and cash usage in rural areas.

Payment Cards Services

Russian Agricultural Bank issues debit and credit cards for multiple customer segments. The Bank’s cards are customized for personal use, for payroll projects, covering the needs of SMEs and large businesses; for taking out a loan, including special loans for household plot owners; for payroll clients and clients with a positive credit track record; for pensioners; for charitable donations. 

The Bank’s products are adapted for a wide range of customers residing both in rural and urban areas.

Offices of Russian Agricultural Bank operate in 82 constituents of Russia, including remote, rural communities, where it is especially important to promote cashless settlements. To attain this goal the Bank offers such privileges to cardholders as loyalty programs and customized lending products.

Types of Payment Cards issued by Russian Agricultural Bank

More information on types of cards is available in Russian at 

Fee Schedule

Current fees for operations with payment cards are available at the following link (in Russian).

Supplementary Cards

Russian Agricultural Bank as well issues supplementary cards to the client’s representatives, maximum for two representatives. Category of the supplementary card could not be above the client's card category.

Extra Services

  • SMS-service allows the client to receive information messages on every operation with the card, get information about the current balance and block the card in case of lost.
  • Remote banking services are provided with the use of the Internet Bank  or Mobile Banking.
  • Merchant acquiring services (including mobile acquiring) are provided to a wide range of customers, including small farms and large national retail chains.